Balanced Value Impact Model

BVI Framework Templates

The BVI Model is managed and administered via a Framework that allows a set of impact assessment actions to be recorded in a structured space to enable each element to be planned and completed. By holding all the elements together in one Framework, dependencies between elements can be seen and accounted. Additionally, as some elements may happen in differing timeframes, the Framework allows a bird’s-eye view across the entire activity. Impact assessment is partly a matter of asking questions in a structured way and gathering the responses such that they can be understood: much of the process here is about control and organisation.

The BVI Framework is to assist the practitioner to be organised, to be purposeful and to have a common process across all activities. It may be possible and reasonable for actions to be duplicated and repeated across various elements of the Framework (such as data collection, stakeholders or assumptions). This varies according to the size and scope of the assessment.

For each Perspective/Value pairing set a separate objective. Objectives will be fulfilled through the assessment of a set group of stakeholders. The indicators to measure the objective are defined. For each indicator, a suitable method of investigation is defined, with its method of data collection described. Assumptions that affect the measurement are recorded. 

For each objective, an action plan is described including the timescale for completion, the budget and the specific roles of those who carry out significant aspects of the impact assessment.

See Delivering Impact with Digital Resources for further information on completing the BVI Framework templates provided below.

Blank BVI Framework Templates

Click here for a link to the BVI Framework as a fully editable Excel file.
Here is the BVI Framework as a PDF file.

A completed example BVI Framework

This file contains a completed BVI Framework for an imagined art history themed digital collection. It thus illustrates the kinds of information and level of detail needed within the Framework itself. Each completed line would then be produced as its own Action Plan to record more detail to assist project management. Many fields, such as stakeholders and data gathering, would expect to define the terms and methods used in seperate documents for precision of meaning.
Note the "Impact Lead" to project manage in roles could be the same person across all the tasks or could be divided amongst a team.

Click here for a link to the example completed BVI Framework as a fully editable Excel file.
Here is the example completed BVI Framework as a PDF file.


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